What about the bouquet?

Dear friends, this will be one of my first posts concerning the origins of wedding traditions. If you get to know the story and reason behind everything you do on your wedding,…believe me!…it becomes more and more meaning- and powerful. So, I´ll start this row of stories about wedding traditions with one very important and unique item every bride has on their wedding day: the bridal bouquet. Some say that in the 15th century, the bouquet was used to keep away bad smells and some say it was to ward the bride from evil spirits. So usually in those times, the bouquet was made of pungent herbs, spices and garlic! Yes garlic, hard to imagine in these times! Now about the throwing of the bouquet. In ancient times the brides where considered as very lucky on their wedding day, that is why each guest got a piece of her wedding dress to get some of that luck. Can you imagine tearing apart your dress??? So, the brides started to throw the bouquet instead of giving parts of their dress to the guests. Yes! Good idea ;-))))

I leave you with some thoughts around the bridal bouquet tradition and of course some lovely images of our bouquets.

Xoxo, E

Photocredits: Manuela Kalupar, Melanie Nedelko, Claire Morgan
Flower credits: FlowerUp, A Very Beloved Bloom
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