With this kiss we rise and float toward heaven

The bride’s bridesmaids have their origin long ago. In the biblical story of Jacob, his two wives Leah and Rachel, brought their own bridesmaids as detailed in the Book of Genesis (29:24, 46:18). They always have had a very important role in terms of friendship, moral, and organizational support.

Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement, inspires this story. His primary subject was the female body and his most famous paintings belong to the golden phase, where he used golden leaf.

Incorporating art is a genius way to set the tone for your wedding. It is unpredictable and romantic, yet timeless in its efforts to be bold. Klimt speaks to us and we translated these feelings into floral, color tones and meaningful elements. We took art and made it ours.

This story is inspired by the tones and posturing of Klimt paintings, a painter and his muses relaxing and having tea at Ernst Fuchs' quirky home and museum.

It was a moody day in Vienna, which paired perfectly with the strong, feminine energy of Klimt. Regal gowns with distinct character contrast with the striking color tones of Ernst Fuchs' intriguing artwork. This is wedding inspiration with a twist of art and tinge of dark. A bride curling up with her bridesmaids, a painter gripping his bride with passion.

With his paintings about women friendship and the love between the couple sealed with a Kiss, we established a storyline throughout the image flow.

One of Klimt's most famous paintings is named “The Kiss”, which portrays him together with his Emilie. Many lovers have as tradition to tie the knot in front of that painting, as it is one of the most significant love symbols in Austria.

CREATIVE DIRECTION, PRODUCTION, DESIGN & STYLING: A Very Beloved Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY: Sara Donaldson SUPER 8 FILM: Celedon Films FILM LAB: Richard Photolab DRESSES | HEADPIECES FOUND AT: Feinstens DRESS: Cortana Brides DRESS: Rue de Seine HEADPIECES: Melinda Rose ROBES: Girls with a serious dream BOUDOIR DRESS: Shop Gossamer MAKE UP AND HAIR: Julia Mikulitsch FABRICS AND RIBBONS: Silk and Willow VENUE: Ernst Fuchs Villa