My life has been crowned by you

This wedding is inspired on classic Vienna, one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is stirred by architectural and historical beauty, classic interior design, interesting history, Austrian Marie Antoinette, abundant patisserie, sparkling champagne, and love. In this city all you can do as a couple is being princess and prince charming to one another.

Just as Robert Browning, English poet, who wrote to his beloved princess Elizabeth Barrett on the morning of their wedding day:

“Words can never tell you…how perfectly dear you are to me – perfectly dear to my heart and soul…I am all gratitude – and all pride…that my life has been so crowned by you.” 12th of September 1846

It is all about joy, beauty, laughter, love, and having fun during your wedding day. Take life just simply as it is: an amazing journey full of surprises, dreams, and fairy tales that come true.


CREATIVE DIRECTION, PRODUCTION, DESIGN & STYLING: A Very Beloved Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY: Ashley Ludaescher CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ashley Ludaescher LOCATION: Hotel Imperial LOCATION: Liechtenstein City Palace DRESSES: Lena Hoschek STATIONERY: Post Calligraphy MAKE UP & HAIR: Julia Mikulitsch CAKE AND SWEETS: Dilekerei FLORAL DESIGN: A Very Beloved Bloom PROPS: Mietmoebel Foehr