Shopping time!!!!! We love to go shopping with our brides. Here some insights if you are shopping without your Wedding Planner. Shopping for your wedding gown can be either a wonderful experience or it can be a dreaded encounter, that´s a fact!  Your mind set before you begin will make all the difference.  Here are some tips to make your shopping easier and satisfying.


Know your wedding budget and how much you allocated for the gown. There are plenty of beautiful gowns well within the reach of most bride’s finances.

Make a list of the brands that look appealing to you and then locate the stores. The designers all have that information on their websites.

Make a list of the stores that you would like to visit and make an appointment. You can plan a tour on your map with some coffee breaks in between.

It’s really true that many brides fall in love with the first dress they try on. It isn’t luck. It’s the result of being clear about what you have in mind and communicating that to the sales consultant who is helping you.  She knows her stock and is expert in evaluating a bride’s silhouette so she can select a gown or gowns that are likely to look fabulous on you.

Be aware that alterations are not a bad word. The gowns you try on and love will be close to perfect on you, but some nips or tucks may be necessary for perfect fit. Stores usually have one size, so either the dress needs to be tucked in or out. Your body can change between the date you order your gown and the date you come for your first fitting.  A skilled seamstress will make those minor adjustments so that its fit is comfortable and right. Just a note aside, each and every bride we have known has lost weight before their wedding  😉

Be selective in inviting friends to shop with you. In spite of what those TV shows indicate, the average bride does not bring a room full of relatives and friends with her to select her gown and then starts drinking champagne all over the place. In fact, an unedited group will give you a headache and add stress to the event.  Very few bridal salons are set up to handle a large group and will gently suggest that when you call for an appointment that you tightly control the number of “guests” who will share your wedding gown shopping experience.  Bring something to write down some notes on the gowns of your preliminary selection and have a friend taking good pictures of you… from each angle of the wedding dress.

When you find THE DRESS, stop looking! Too many brides think that if they don’t look at every dress of the store, they haven’t done their job. Sometimes mothers will insist that the bride shop every store in a trading area “just to be sure”.  You smile says everything!  You’ve found the dress.  It is everything you like.  It’s in your budget.  You like the sales consultant and the store.  What else is there?

As we already mentioned, beware of online shopping for your important wedding gown. The horror stories that brides who bought from a photo from an unknown retailer will scare you.  Always shop from someone whose reputation for excellence is well known.

AVeryBelovedWedding_Tuscany AVeryBelovedWedding_Tuscany AVeryBelovedWedding_Tuscany




PHOTO: Melanie Nedelko | DRESS: Victoria Ruesche | LOCATION: Villa Sermolli -Tuscany | FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab

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