After these years of experience we can definitely say, that the bridal gown is almost the most important item for a bride. A lot of time, emotion and discussion with loved ones is invested in its selection. It is all about how the wedding day is going to be and how the bride sees herself on this her day of days.

We’ll be posting much more about this topic, as it is very comprehensive. But first let’s talk about the gowns out there in the Internet. There is an ocean of possibilities and cheap gown copies. Beware and be cautious what you find out there.

What can happen?  Listen to the woes of brides who have made that mistake: Receiving a gown that is absolutely the style, color or size dress you ordered, receiving a gown that has obvious flaws, spots and missing parts, getting a really cheap copy of the dress you saw in the picture, getting a “look-a-like” made from an inferior fabric from what you ordered, not getting the gown delivered on time, not getting the gown at all. Most “discount” sources demand full payment in advance and in full, so if there are troubles with the order, you are left trying to solve problems long distance with a vendor who already has your money.  Even if you get it, you will need to arrange local resources to handle the alterations and pressing. Plus you will have almost no time to find a new dress!

We encourage all the brides to work with a reputable highly recommended bridal salon that will stand behind every order and promptly solve any problems that may be encountered. You can also write the designer and ask what bridal salon they recommend to purchase the dress of your dreams or you can have it tailor made.

If you have a good Wedding Planner you won´t have any troubles finding the perfect dress! Your Wedding Planner is your consultant and as such, she or he will help finding the dress on your budget and saving you money by suggesting ways to cut costs in a variety of other areas.

AVeryBelovedWedding_JennyPackham AVeryBelovedWedding_JennyPackham AVeryBelovedWedding_JennyPackham


PHOTO: Melanie Nedelko | DRESS: Jenny Packham | HEADPIECE AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: Niely Hoetsch | MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Angie Winkelbauer

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