We recently created and planned a rustic, outdoor summer wedding in the fields of Austria. The Wedding Design was all about the flavors of life: nature, herbs, flowers, salts, oils, greens, fruits, vegetables, spices, and a beautiful Shisha lounge.

The couple, Sabine and Jacob met almost ten years ago due to a common interest: the Shisha. Always interested in the foreign, in the fun and in a free life, they are happy, light and freewheeling. Their passions in life are food, all kinds of flavors, traveling, and having fun time with the people they love.

It was a relaxed, natural, simple, romantic, joyful, enjoyable, rustic, summer atmosphere on their wedding day. With our Wedding Design we included a big diversity of savors, colors and fragrances in the decoration, in the flowers, and the food, creating a delicious mood.

We created a feeling of long lasting moments in mouth and in the heart.
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Planning and Designing a beautiful wedding like this would not be possible without amazing vendors.

Wedding Design & Planning, Creative Direction: A Very Beloved Wedding 

Photography: Ashley Ludaescher 

Cinematography: Redsheep Cinema

Location: Nikitsch Castle

Make-up and Hair: Strahlkraft

Floral Design: A Very Beloved Bloom

Bridal gown: Pronovias via Fine Dress

Furniture Rentals: Rotfuchs

Shisha Lounge Rentals: Föhr

Stationery: Milia Ink

Cake: Das Tortenstudio

Catering: Theuer & Punzet

Ice Cream: Hoxton & Hill

Rings: Nowak

DJ: Face II Face

Decoration Rentals: A Very Beloved Wedding Rentals Collection


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