A Persian Wedding in Vienna

A Persian Wedding in a baroque Palace form the 18th Century nearby the City Center of Vienna, Austria: Palais Schönburg. Destination Wedding Vienna, a beautiful choice in Europe.

It was a windy wedding day in Vienna with a promising sun. Early in the morning we started building up some beautiful settings at the wedding venue Palais Schönburg. It is a baroque palace from the 18th century nearby the city center of Vienna, capital city of Austria. A perfect frame for a Persian international wedding. Guests came from Persia, from the US, from Holland, from Austria, from Germany and many more countries.

We started decorating the staircase, a magnificent entrance into the Palace, and the ceremony with a beautiful Persian Sofreh in the garden. Flowers from our brand A Very Beloved Bloom gave a freshening and elegant note to the wedding. Our bride and groom arrived in a white Rolls Royce old timer and the wedding began.

After heartbreaking Persian music and a tear breaking YES, friends and family started to congratulate and toasting with Champagne. Motto Catering prepared some delicious and beautifully displayed finger food as usual. It was a perfect Saturday wedding afternoon in Palais Schönburg.

At 7 o’clock dinner started in the Main Salon of the Palace. Candle lights, gold adornments, pastel color flowers, everything was beautifully arranged for the Persian bride and Dutch groom. A mix of international food, and Austrian wines was served.

Let´s get to the Wedding Cake part…most guest’s and Wedding Planner favorite’s! On a romantic Sweet table near the dancefloor the cake from Landtmann was displayed. After the traditional Persian knife dance, bride and groom made the first cut.

The dancing party began with the First dance, the couple’s song played by Persian DJ Ramin, until very late in the night.

It all ended with a very special gift from Hotel Imperial, the Imperial Cake invented for the emperor in the year 1873. A perfect mix of chocolate and marzipan. Pure love.

For us Wedding Designers and Wedding Planners at A Very Beloved Wedding, each and every wedding is special for us, and so different from one another, like our brides and grooms. Our weddings are definitely as unique as our couple’s are.

Contact us under office@averybelovedwedding.com for your Persian wedding in Vienna!

Behind the lens: Dorelies Hofer

Venue: Palais Schönburg

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