The day started early. The first rays of sun appeared very promising to us. “It is the perfect Vienna destination wedding day,” we all thought. After a quick and efficient morning brief with lots of coffee and green tea, the team of A Very Beloved Wedding separated. One part of the team accompanied the bride at the Grand Hotel in the city center of Vienna, the other part was with the groom at the Hotel Ambassador and another big part of the team went the Conference Center Laxenburg, historic and wonderful wedding venue nearby Vienna. The Getting Ready and the venue preparations were about to start.

Pretty and happy flower girls proudly showed their ballerinas and flower crowns made by Doll, to some of the family members congratulating the bride. A beautiful Brazilian bride facing herself in the mirror with her wonderful Vera Wang dress. In the meanwhile, partying groomsmen, where enjoying some laughs with the groom on the other side of Vienna´s city center. A walk around the streets, jokes, coffee and whiskey. “It is time to get married!”

At the same time, the A Very Beloved Wedding team in Laxenburg was styling and organizing everything at the reception venue. Typical Brazilian “Bem casados” and Arabic almonds were adorning the entrance, together with the opulent sweettable. “Sweet, sweet, sweet and good luck to the newly wed couple!”

Hundreds of beautiful flowers where delivered and mastered with a big smile by the talented Timo Bolte from Doll. He walked towards us carrying flowers that covered all of him and more and screamed “Look at this!” A Motto crewmember passed by with a big “Wow!” and we moved all together to the tablesetting area. Silverwear, candles and beautiful chargers filling the tables in the majestic room full of baroque frescos.

Laughs and briefings with the Catering Manager from Motto and DJ Ramin. “This happens first, this next…yes that song. When that song starts, Motto crew does that…” Every part of the event was fully planned. The A Very Beloved Wedding team arranged furniture pieces and antiques in the entrance and the terrace, build up a hugh champagne tower and adorned the garden. Bringing to life the lighting, the technical concept and the Bossa Nova performance was the last part of the preparation. After a quick lunchtime snack, we all went through each step of the event in order to make sure that the bride and groom as well as the guests have a wonderful experience.

In the meanwhile, the Getting Ready in the city center was coming to an end and everybody was approaching the Greek Orthodox Church. The Bride was picked up in a white Old timer Rolls Royce and brought to the church. Mendelssohn. Beautiful flowers matching the venue flowers and an old historic church. Approximately 160 guests came from around the world to spend this unforgettable time with the wedding couple.

After the ceremony, the Fiaker (typical Viennese horse carriage) came in black and white and took the newlyweds through a tour in the streets of Vienna. The Old timer Rolls Royce brought the couple to Laxenburg.

At the same time, the guests where guided to the Shuttle Buses leaving to Laxenburg. After a 30 minutes trip they arrived at the venue.

5 p.m., it was a long day already, the guests started to enjoy champagne and Motto´s delicious finger food on the Laxenburg Terrace. “Olha, que coisa mais linda…” The A Very Beloved Wedding team, finally started to get together. A small part of our team,  that was in charge of guiding the photographers Julia and Gil and videographers Casetti Brothers, went off to the couple shoot in the majestic Laxenburg park. In the meanwhile the other part of the team took care of the guests and the backstage deroulement. Many photos, hellos, kisses and hugs from the sweet table area, to the Give-away area, to the terrace.

7.30 p.m. Champagne tower, greetings, hugs, kisses, laughter and tears. Being touched and moved was inevitable! The couple arrived with big applause. After the speech of the groom and father of the bride, the international buffet with Arabic notes was opened.

The guests where enjoying their dinner and Austrian wine in the majestic salon of Laxenburg. The tables where covered with low and tall flowers, silver cutlery, silver plates and romantic candles.

It started to get dark, we had stars in the sealing and in the park, the trees where lighting up as well as the baroque architecture of the venue building. A piece of art that took our breath away.

The five-store cake was made by the former royal bakery Demel. A filling of chocolate cream and hazelnuts made the guests melt away.

The music started to change from classic jazz to typical Strauss Blue Danube. The first dance with sparkling candles surrounding the couple, then some Arabic rhythms and everybody was joyfully dancing on the terrace. We love the internationality and mixed backgrounds from our couples, who enjoy Vienna as their perfect destination for their wedding.

Doll´s beautiful bouquet was thrown to Beyonce´s single ladies and the party was in a full swing!

A midnight surprise from Brazil, music, instruments and samba dancing in custom made Havaianas.

Midnight snacks, Bem casados, sweets, champagne, romantic candles and a smiling and kissing couple to contagious rhythms of joy. A perfect day, a perfect night, a perfect memory filled with heartfelt moments. This destination wedding in Vienna was a big joy to us!

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