Your wedding day is here!

The most exciting day in your life. But it´s also a very long day, which can leave you very tired once the adrenalin rush subsides.

Here are some suggestions that can help conserve the energy necessary to get through the day in style, like the perfect Queen you are.


Getting ready

Your day may begin with hair and make-up in your getting ready suite. Take a really beautiful, big and comfortable hotel with good room service. This helps! You are the center of attention, all the cameras will be directed towards you and everybody will want to talk to you, kiss you, hug you…it´s a tsunami of feelings.


Get a good night’s sleep the night before 

If your rehearsal and groom’s dinner are the night before the wedding, it may be tempting to stay out late and party, but try to get home and snuggled in before the midnight hour. We always suggest to not do this the night before, but if you are having a nice Destination Wedding weekend, then you will be having your friends around even the night before. Which of course is amazing, but take care with alcohol and food!


Eat breakfast  

Go for a combination of carbs and protein.  The carbs will give you an initial burst of energy to get you going and the protein will keep you feeling full longer.  Not a fan of a big breakfast?  Try a combo of whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. In the end you know what food makes you feel good. But please, do eat!


Stay hydrated  

Although drinking plenty of fluids can increase bathroom trips (which combined with nerves are not fun for brides in gowns), it is important to have enough fluids in you!  Being dehydrated can result in headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea and can make you cranky. Consume water throughout the day. Always tell your bridesmaids to have a bottle of water ready for you.


Pack some snacks in your goodie bag 

You may get busy and have no time for lunch, but you need to eat.  If yours is an evening wedding, you may go all day without food, which is not good. Take neat finger foods that can be nibbled like trail mix. Nuts are very helpful!  Avoid any messy foods that can drip on your clothing or may get stuck in your teeth. Stash some nibbles in your old-timer or limo, that is taking you to the reception.


Avoid a caffeine binge  

Avoid those energy drinks. You`ll get more nervous!


Eat dinner

You paid for it, enjoy it.  And watch the alcohol intake, so you can enjoy your party. With a good Wedding Planner you really will feel like a guest on your own wedding.


AVeryBelovedWedding-ThomasSteibl-01 (2)

AVeryBelovedWedding-ThomasSteibl-02 (2)

AVeryBelovedWedding-ThomasSteibl-03 (2)

PHOTO: Thomas Steibl | CREATIVE DIRECTION, PRODUCTION, DESIGN & STYLING: A Very Beloved Wedding | BRIDAL GOWN:Verinas Costume de Mariage | HEADPIECES: Niely Hoetsch | BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS: Twobirds Dresses  | MAKE UP AND HAIR: All about hair | FLOWERS: Flower up | LOCATION: Conference Center Laxenburg

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