Let us crown your life

Event Design & Styling

Our wedding design and styling captures your unique love story and your personalities. We ensure a one of a kind aesthetic and timeless wedding experience for you and your guests during the course of your wedding. 

"Every event tells a story and we make sure that the story we are telling has a meaning, is consistent, unique, honest and personal."

Event Planning & Completing

Our excellent wedding planning and completing focuses on effective resources and efficient processes. We assure a smooth wedding preparation and execution at the highest quality and performance of all vendors.

"It is not only about planning, but also about constructing, designing moments, and being the architect of your event."

Couple Shoot Production

Our production, creative direction, design and styling of your engagement, pre wedding and after wedding sessions, shape your story. We work hand in hand with renowned photographers and cinematographers.

"We make the result of your sessions all about you and your togetherness: unique, timeless, and memorable."

Private Events

Our excellent event planning and completing focuses on effective resources and efficient processes. We conceptualize, plan, and organize your private events, such as birthday parties, showers, gender reveal parties, anniversaries, and many more.  

"It is all about creating memorable and meaningful experiences, and of course enjoying them. We just love being part of the milestones in your life."

Rentals Collection


We offer you a vast collection of curated, artful, antique, and historic one of a kind pieces. These are beautiful items that can have a function or play an important role on your wedding, private event or shoot session.  You can find them in Rentals.

“As providing you with beauty is part of our mission, we are collectors, keepers, and curators of unique items that tell a story."

Floral Design

With A Very Beloved Bloom we create bespoke floral installations and diverse flower decors enhancing natural variations and inconsistencies found in nature. Our approach is to create a unique and personalized floral design collection for your wedding.

“We develop floral artistry inspired on you as a couple, the season you are getting married in, and the surroundings of your wedding"


Behind the lens: Warmphoto, Thomas Steibl, Sandra Aberg, Theresa Furey