A team of Designers, Event Managers, and Event Architects

We are a leading Destination Wedding and Event Company based in Austria, Italy, Spain, and China. After the passed years we've evolved into a big multicultural team, that speaks more than 9 languages and services couples worldwide in the most exclusive and unchartered locations in Europe, Asia, and South America.
    Undefinable soul, visionary artist, and design devoted storyteller. Made her way through photography, performing arts, music, and literature. Studied Theatre Sciences, Journalism, and an MBA. She is a big dreamer, believer, optimist, and passionate about life. Dedicated lover of art and things beautiful, Floral Designer, and Creative Director. Speaks five languages and traveled around the world. Born in Madrid, grew up in Peru, and found herself in beautiful Vienna. Her event installations are made with all her heart.

    "Creative design and beauty reunited with love, joy and sparkling moments ...this is what I aim for every wedding."
    Pragmatic and down to earth. Perfectionist and devoted organizer of beautiful, unforgettable moments. Sparkling and positive contagious, smiling personality. Made her way through art school, music, and fashion. Artistic soul, painter, fast car driver and piano player. Being Thai and Austrian, she grew up in Tripoli, lived in Vienna and Ljubljana, and speaks as many languages as the Pope. She is full hearted and has a clean vision of making people happy. The tie between creativity and perfect organization is flawless and strong.

    "Connecting creativity with perfect organization is the first step. The next are joyful couples."

Behind the lens: Tony Gigov