It´s time to post some Christmas. It´s this moment of the year when we can´t stop sighing about all this warm, sweet and cozy feelings. As our Wedding Planning and Design Team is very international, here are some Christmas traditions that differ from each other: from Peruvian turkey, to Austrian sausages, Dutch “lettercake”, Thai goose and the famous international Turkey! When to open the gifts, what to put on the table, socks, Christmas trees etc.

Well this year at our Christmas Party at the A Very Beloved Wedding Studio, we decided for none of this possibilities and had Chicken with sweet potatoes. Our Paula van der Woude put the chicken in the oven after Lorinda took everything out of it…the chicken… Paula and I run away with “OMG, OMG…grose…” Lorinda laughing just kept going. She is the tough one! Paula then took care of the potatoes and I just did the salad, which guess what…by the way was amazingly delicious…the highlight of the evening…;-) I almost forgot to mention that Paula also made gluten and sugar free cookies and something else that normally should be in there but wasn´t at all in there…. Ehm, so what where they made of? Guess you have to ask Kimberly Snyder ; -) They were delicious! Dinner was ready, the table was set and only one team member missing: Gerald…not a cook…but as he arrived, he had the honorable task to open the champagne: it made elegantly PLOP and we toasted CHEERS!

As a half Peruvian I have the tradition to open up the presents while drinking alcohol, meaning already before dinner, cause it´s more fun! Just tearing apart the paper, laughing and commenting on the presents! At this point I have to make a time jump and add that we did not know who is going to give whom a present, so there were many hints and misleadings and finally big surprises. But NO, there was no way of convincing the others, sigh… So instead of opening the presents, I had to wait patiently for the end of the chicken.

So we made a 2015 review. The best wedding, the worst wedding, the best client, the not so best client, the good projects, the mistakes, the learnings, the feelings, new partners, new friends etc. So many things to be proud of, so many things to remember and also some things to forget…ha! We feel really blessed of being able to do what we do! We are this kind of annoying people you meet in a party, who will tell you “Our work is not work! This just happened naturally, organically and we love it and live it.” Yep, that´s us…annoying ha?

Lorinda and I were and are really blessed to get to know and find this amazing friends, members and supporters in our team. The amazing A Very Beloved Wedding family: we just found each other :-))) I guess we all had tearful eyes while talking and reviewing 2015. Without Paula and Gerald we would be nothing and nothing would be possible. Our fast and steady growth is in big part their achievement due to their unconditional devotion to us and our work.

So, like we said in our Christmas Party: We are fortunate to be in each other’s lives and to have YOU (reader) in our lives! Like already Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, the girl from Love Actually, Ariana Grande, Michael Buble and many more said: “All I want for Christmas is YOU and YOU and YOUUUU!”

At this part, we wish you all A Very Beloved Christmas and A Very Beloved 2016!!! May all your wishes come true! Cheers! Peace and Love, Eli (bad blogger) & Lorinda (planner on vacation), Paula (freshly laureated artist and cookie magician) & Gerald (travelling non-cook and champagne bottle specialist) and the green elves from A Very Beloved Bloom







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